Chances are by the time you get around to defining what is relevant… the line has already moved.  With the internet, blogs, and the new media, we stand on a precipice where everything and everyone is blurry and obsolescence is but a misstep away.

I liken it to kids who play “Marco Polo” in the pool with their eyes open.  It is so much easier to know what is going on when you can rely on all of your senses. The media elite counted on us being blind in the only pool in the neighborhood for years.

Recently the networks and newspapers have been yelling “Marco” only to discover that everyone had already left their pool. They headed over to the new, cleaner pool that has a water slide or where the cooler kids were already hanging out.

The days of the media dictating and shaping our thought processes because they had the only community pool on a hot summer day are long over.

In Las Vegas, many hotels have 4 to 5 pools. They usually have a kiddies” pool. I call it the CNN pool where the water isn’t too deep. They usually have a lot of toddlers splashing about with floaties on their arms in water that only comes up to their waist. There usually is a mom who is lounging nearby nursing a drink. Not too many people usually swim here.  They know this pool is only for those who don’t know how to swim.  I swam there years ago when I was scared of deep water.

Some hotels have River pools” that goes around in big circles. They seem to have an overabundance of inebriated college kids who like to swim in endless circles propelled by an artificial current that pushes you in only one direction. I call this the MSNBC or NY Times pool.

I do noticed a disturbing trend in this pool… there seems to be an excessive imbibing of alcoholic beverages and very few trips to the restroom by the throngs of humanity that circle in the yellow, odoriferous water. The“ewww” factor is off the charts.  I do notice this pool tends to be louder and more raucous.

I used to swim here before I realized there were many other alternatives. In a moment of clarity, I decided that I’d rather swim in water that had less bodily fluids and was more transparent.

Usually in the corner they have another pool. That is the pool where the water is deeper. You usually do not find many kids playing in this pool. I normally find a lot of moms and dads reading books on lounge chairs by this pool. Sometimes there are lifeguards or signs saying this is an adult pool. I moved over to this pool a few years ago.

They also have a hot tub or Jacuzzi here. The temperature tends to be hotter and they warn you not to spend more than 20 minutes. I tend to ignore that sign.

I wouldn’t be caught dead in this pool in my youth but times have changed.

I remember when I was a single digit age; my mother would drop me off at the local YMCA pool during the summer. The pool would be filled with boys running and jumping off the sides despite signs to the contrary. I also remember the water tasting and smelling somewhat unpleasant.  The water would burn my eyes and make them red for hours. I notice the same thing happened to me physically years later when I tried to watch the network news.

I do find it ironic that the White House sometimes limits media access and uses a “pool” camera.  Coincidence… I think not.

I realize that all pools regulate the amount of chorine they add based upon the water samples they take. People are now discovering that chorine is unhealthy and the cause of many health problems.  They are finding out the same about some of their choices for information.  They want their pool water cleaner and with less harmful additives.

This however is not a new phenomenon. During the late nineteenth century, newspapers in New York were in a fierce battle for circulation and would often resort to unethical tactics to boost readership. The term “Yellow Journalism” was coined by the editor of the New York Press Newspaper to describe the fake stories, as well as the sensational and unprofessional tactics of the media.  Not much has changed in over 100 years.

Now the media is back at it again with a heighten fervor. I don’t think we need to bother putting chorine in theyellow water over at the “media river” pool. I think most people have already gotten the memo.

I notice our adult pool is getting much more crowded. I do see them however glaring disapprovingly at us from their river pool; waist deep in yellowish water with their reddish eyes.  I would invite them over to our cleaner pool but I might insist that they all take a shower first.



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