I am old enough to remember duck and cover drills as a child. I remember watching a film in school showing an Atomic mushroom cloud and cutting to an image of children ducking and hiding under the safety of their flimsy wooden desks to escape the effects of the blast.

Yeah, that will work.  By the way, if this does ever happen, I hope my “wooden desk” is situated in a concrete bunker 30 feet underground.

I remember playing in the rain without a jacket and not getting a “death of a cold” which is an odd thing to say since I don’t recall any children dying because they played in the rain without the proper attire. Mothers say a lot of things to scare us from ourselves.

It seems however that this administration has exceeded our mothers in the fib department.

Fast forward to the present day and we have people in Washington telling us big fat lies that should require them to stand in a dark corner until a Middle Eastern country elects a stripper as their prime minister.

I wouldn’t buy a used car without reading the print but evidently that exercise makes me ineligible for public office. Apparently this administration can tout that they single handedly saved the automobile industry but failed to accurately report that GM is years from making money on the Chevy Volt and, according to Reuters, is losing $49,000 for every car that it sells.

Not to mention the annoying fact that people generally like to buy cars whose options don’t include “bursting into flames”.  It is not especially reassuring when GM offers to buy back your Chevy Volt if you fear your car will explode. I’m sure that was not in the sales literature.

Speaker after speaker at the DNC touted that Obama saved the auto industry but the truth is GM shares have lost over half their value since January 2011 and with current anemic sales, many analysts say GM will return to bankruptcy after the November election. Any purported job gains will quickly disappear which appears to be great timing on the part of our President.

I’m sure you are also aware that Congressmen can also apparently vote on bills costing us billions of tax payer dollars without reading them first. They must have all graduated from the Chicago Public school system.

I think trained Chimpanzees could do a better job because they wouldn’t read anything either but we only have to pay them in bananas.

Congress and Obama have stood before the American people and pledged strongly and repeatedly not to raise taxes on the middle class. The “Investor’s Business Daily”, “Forbes” and numerous other publications have reported recently that the new health care law imposes 20 new taxes, more than half of them impacting those earning less than $250,000.

Politicians can twist the definition of what is a penalty or tax but if the government generally asks you for money, it seems to fit the definition of a tax as the Supreme Court has recently ruled.

Most Americans were not aware that until recently, it was not illegal for members of congress to profit by insider trading.  They are also exempt from OSHA requirements and the lifetime premier health insurance and pension plans they receive are unavailable to those who are not lucky enough to be federal workers.

The Federalist papers, written by Hamilton and James Monroe, were a precursor to our Constitution and Bill of Rights. It gives us a clear vision as to what the founding fathers envisioned for America.

“I will add… in the situation of the House of Representatives, restraining them from oppressive measures, that they can make no law which will not have its full operation on themselves and their friends, as well as on the great mass of the society” – James Monroe.

What Monroe said was that Congress cannot pass one set of rules and exclude, or give themselves special privileges that others are not entitled too.  They have to abide by the same laws that apply to everyone.

Thomas Jefferson also wrote, No other depositories of power [but the people themselves] have ever yet been found, which did not end in converting to their own profit the earnings of those committed to their charge.”  

An amendment to require members of Congress to forgo their current health coverage and to enroll in any government plan recently died in the House. So when they tell you they will be covered by the same health insurance plan they just unleashed upon us, we should remember the quote about “politics and diapers”.  They both need changing regularly and for the same reason.

I am reassured by the story of the unluckiest man on God’s green earth.   It seems years ago this man was visiting Hiroshima when the Atom bomb decimated the city and left him with burns and injuries. He left the hospital and returned to his home in Nagasaki just in time to get hit with the second Atom bomb which again leveled the city. He died a few years ago at the ripe old age of 95 years old. I bet you a dollar that he wasn’t hiding under any wooden desk.

If this man can survive two atomic bombs… there is hope for the rest of us to survive the “Lords of Congress”until the next election.



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