It is getting increasing difficult to have a satirical outlook each day during this political season. Sometimes circumstances are too bizarre to be comical. For example, I am somewhat appalled at the apparent lack of consequences in our new world order.

In my “Leave it to Beaver” world, you break a neighbor’s window with a baseball; you mowed her lawn for a month… that sort of consequences.

This being an election year, you can expect a lot of things to go unpunished. If I were Governor Blagojevich, I would have waited to sell Obama’s senate seat this year and he might still be shopping for hair care products.

I guess our Attorney General, Eric Holder got the memo. His department can release assault weapons throughout the “neighborhood” killing innocent people, his underlings have to quit their jobs and he doesn’t even get his “employee of the month” parking pass taken away?

The Health and Human Services Secretary, Kathleen Sebelius violates federal law (Hatch Act) by campaigning for Obama during an event and gets a “time out”?  It seems in Washington D.C. you can operate in a vacuum where normal rules don’t seem to apply.

President Obama stated when he first took office that these types of tactics were not to be tolerated under his new administration. He was going to be transparent. Well that lasted as long as the flowers at his inauguration.

Regardless of our political affiliation, we should have a very low tolerance for corruptness in any form whether in business or public office. It is getting so bad that finding an honest politician is like finding a Republican in Hollywood.

To tolerate corruptness because your side is the one who is doing it is how brutish dictatorships first take hold. It sends a message that you are not guided by any moral or social imperatives that governs our every day interactions.

Our society is a web of interdependency if you will, of free thinking individuals governed by accepted societal norms. Without this, we are a lawless and corrupt society that bends under the thumb of those who would seek to oppress us.

When President Nixon was first caught during Watergate, public pressure forced him from office. The public was astonished that a President would be involved in such dealings. No more.

I believe many Democrats and Republicans share a common interest in preserving American values and the rule of law. Yes, there are fringe elements that may coop our party platforms from time to time.

I still would like to believe, with a plethora of media outlets and choices, that the truth is still a commodity to value and that your word is not something to be taken lightly during an election year.

I would like for a politician to hug a soldier or a sick child and that no cameras were around to record the event. I am wary of images that can be manipulated. We have been conditioned for so long with others trying to shape the message to suit an agenda. I won’t fall for it and neither should you.

They say courage is something you do when no one is looking. I believe that truth is something you do regardless of the circumstances. I was told once, by an angry person, that the truth wasn’t important but that people’s perception of me was the thing that matters. I told him he was free to spread whatever lies because I know truth ultimately wins out.

That is an incredibly naïve statement in our day and age because we see numerous recent examples where this was not true. It is no wonder than that people continue to go down this path where consequences are few and the end results are so huge.

I know when the election rolls around, my vote will be cast not on any one issue over another. It will be based on which candidate exemplifies the best character or integrity that our future generations can emulate.

It is not about justifying transgressions or advancing a cause mired in distortions and inaccuracies. It is never about promoting an agenda at the cost of other people’s freedoms.  History is replete with examples of this Greek tragedy.

It is a very fine line to walk. A wise man once told me he would rather have an honest nickel than a dishonest dollar. I wish for each of you plenty of nickels during this political season.



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